Dr. Aleman

It will be my pleasure to serve you, and fulfill your expectations will be my goal.

Mario Aleman, D.D.S.

Born in Guatemala City, in 1966. He is the third of four children. His father, Dr. Oscar Aleman, a recognized dentist in the Guatemalan society that practiced for 38 years, planted in him the love for GOD and to service with excellence in his profession. Dr. Mario Aleman grew up and studied in Guatemala City. He graduated in May 1992 as DDS in the U.S.A.C. at the age of 26 years. He worked during three years as a General Dentist in the Social Security Institution in several cities of Guatemala, at the same time he worked as a Dentist Associated with his father in their own dental office for eight years.


May 1992 His passion for Oral Surgery has been the motivation to focus his practice in Dental Implants and Cosmetic Restoration since 1995.


He moved to California in 2000 and got his incorporation as a Dentist (DDS) at the Dental Board of California in February 2003.


In 2004 he made a Mini Residence at U.C.L.A. (A-Z Dental Implants) during 9 months. Taking several curses of Management of Soft Tissue and Bone Grafting and Advanced Techniques in Dental Implants. Since 2006 Dr. Aleman has been training in Orthodontic for General Dentists specially in the Interceptive and Corrective Treatments.


Nowadays he is working in his own practices located in San Dimas, Anaheim and Pacoima CA, as a General Dentist offering services in Periodontia, Endodontia, Minor Oral Surgery (Wisdom teeth extractions) also Orthodontic, Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants.